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Doing Good for the Sake of Doing Good

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I often get asked, “How’s life?” and I always have the urge to respond the same, “It’s crazy, but I love it!” As I’ve submerged myself more and more in the agency, I’ve come to realize that there will never be day-to-day consistency, unless consistent chaos counts? I don’t use the word chaos with a negative connotation but more that you never know what is coming next. Sure, I have a schedule of events for weeks out at a time, but every day is a new adventure. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the advertising world.

I’ll give you an example. We often film commercials for our clients, and they often want to provide the talent themselves. I gather the equipment and head over to the shoot location. It’s a beautiful day, the concept is fantastic, the talent assigned for the shoot is perfect, the lighting is great, and I’ve had my Red Bull. Then it happens…the talent is sick and cannot make the shoot. I’m calm and collected but the client is nervous. They have a deadline they want to hit, so we brainstorm together. Ultimately, they come to the most reasonable conclusion they can think of, “Hey, why don’t you take the part?” Wanting to make sure the client is taken care of, I accept. The nerves were brutal the first time this happened. Yes, it wasn’t the last. Apparently, there is a sign on my forehead just asking for the opportunity to be second string. Thankfully, I’ve never had to talk. The first time you hear yourself on video is the moment you question life itself. Do I really sound like that? At the end of the day, everything is a success. The client is happy and I get to pretend I’m a movie star for a moment–a moment that doesn’t include a mansion, giving autographs or fighting off paparazzi.

Like I said, it’s an ever-changing world and I do thoroughly enjoy it! The relationships I’ve gained are irreplaceable. I don’t have a job that feels like work. I have a job that allows me to help other’s dreams become reality. Seeing their business grow to heights they didn’t imagine possible is so rewarding. Knowing that I contributed to their ability to be successful, take care of their family, give back to the community, and so much more is why I love what I do.

I want the client to know they can trust me. That the plan we set in place is not just one of many options, but it is the right option for them. Our clients deserve to see a return. They’ve worked hard and have decided to trust me. I’m not just advertising, I’m responsible for the livelihood of these individuals and I take it very seriously. I’ve been fortunate to have a great mentor the majority of my life, our CEO. I’ve learned and excelled due to her guidance in many ways. This has allowed me to be the best I can for everyone in my life.

“Doing good for the sake of doing good” is not just a mission statement we arbitrarily repeat. It’s a lifestyle.


What Are YOU Looking For?

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When searching for an advertising agency what key characteristics do most companies look for? Creative services? Years in business? Knowledge and expertise? Client retention? How about the client/agency relationship? When doing a quick search around the web for top things people look for when deciding on an agency, the client/agency relationship topic appeared over and over again. Surprised? I didn’t think so.

I am fairly new to the agency world but one of the very first things I grasped was just how important client/agency relationships are. After all, maintaining good working relationships is KEY to long-term success. As an account manager, I strive to build concrete relationships with each and every one of my clients. My clients should always feel as though I am an extension of their team, not just a third party. In my eyes, the key factors to building and maintaining a client/agency bond are having a solid understanding of the products and services, constant communication, and creating effective strategies.

It is essential to invest time in familiarizing myself with the products and services that my clients offer. And in all honesty, not every client I manage has a product or service that sparks an immediate interest in me. However, I can always find some part of their business that I have an appreciation for. When you discover something about their business that you are passionate about, it becomes easier to really submerge yourself into their world. Further, you start to become curious about what others are doing in their industry. Both are essential to creating a successful strategy for your client.

Communication (well, effective communication) is hands down the most crucial part of maintaining good relationships with all of my clients. I am in contact with clients just as much, if not more than, some of my closest friends. Yes, you heard that right! Whether I am reaching out to discuss the performance of a campaign, brainstorming new creative, or just calling to say hello, I am constantly checking in. This ensures that all expectations, deadlines, and objectives are crystal clear and nothing ever slips through the cracks. Also, I might add that I genuinely enjoy the communication I have with my clients. Many of them have become my friends, which makes it that much easier to invest my time into ensuring that I am doing everything I can to help their business succeed.

Last but not least, strategy! Our CEO is queen at strategy and it is because she communicates effectively, has a deep understanding of the products and services offered, and knows her client’s industry like the back of her hand. Don’t worry… she shares her knowledge with all of her account managers. There’s a quote floating around the web, it states “creative without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising”. Here at Fabrica, we have that down!


Addicted to Mobile

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Would you rather go without your cell phone or go without your wallet for a day? For me…it would definitely be my wallet! My phone has EVERYTHING I need and more that I want on it–and it’s just a simple thumbprint away. As a society, we have become addicted to our mobile devices averaging over 2,000 touches on them each day according to Business Insider. It’s no wonder why my spouse gets jealous. As a result, our agency understands that we must employ a mobile strategy in all of the campaigns we put together for our clients. After all, these devices typically go everywhere with us and are used every day, especially during the holiday season where we always see a spike!

Capturing attention during the bustling holiday season is a challenge for any agency, but capturing the attention of your target audience can be even trickier. Consumers are inundated by ads during the holiday season, so we apply targeting strategies to reach those that only have time to give attention to brands that resonate most.

One of the ways we do that is through digital audio. It has a solid, proven track record to be one of the most effective mediums to reach masses of busy consumers throughout their constantly-connected, multitasking days. Especially during 4th quarter (aka the holidays). In fact, a recent Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research shows us that listening to internet radio has nearly tripled since 2010. And when listeners were asked to rank what makes for a good holiday season, 7 in 10 said music is one of the most important holiday ingredients–more so than food, gifts, and religious traditions. But as the smart agency that we are, we know that successful holiday marketing doesn’t end there. Being able to identify and reach your target audience with confidence is the real trick to achieving the most ROI for your budget.

Lane Bryant, the nation’s leading women’s apparel retailer for sizes 14 through 28, demonstrated the power of a targeted, mobile-first, multi-product media mix to drive holiday attention and sales. The results were amazing. Marrying the strategy of precision targeting with an optimized media mix they saw a 17% lift in store traffic outpacing the corporate retail benchmark of just 7%.

Let us show you how to cut through the clutter this holiday season in a brand-safe environment. We would love to be your agency of choice!


Total Eclipse of the Heart

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There are few experiences which leave a mark on your life so indelible that you can’t ever forget it. A mother can remember with pinpoint accuracy the details and events that transpired during her child’s birth. Scientists and doctors call these ‘flashbulb memories’. Many people remember the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. as flashbulb memories and there are countless other events across the globe that are remembered this way. My most recent experience of this magnitude was the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

Say what? Yeah, the solar eclipse. I didn’t think it was gonna be that great either…until I saw it. Words and photographs cannot do this thing justice, but I will try. I made the journey up to the Grand Tetons in order to get inside of ‘the path of totality’, the small sliver that would encounter total darkness. Luckily for me, it was only a 4.5 hour drive.

The initial portion of the eclipse started at 10:16am with totality coming at around 11:34am. As soon as 10:00 rolled around, we pulled out the camping chairs and solar glasses and set up shop next to a dirt field on a back road.

As the moon began to eclipse the sun, not much was noticed. It was still bright outside, the temperature just starting to get intense prior to midday. It wasn’t until the moon was about 75 percent of the way across the sun that things started to get interesting. The sun was still too intense to look at, but you could tell that the shadows started to become diffused. Those normally sharp, crisp edges began to get fuzzy. The temperature was noticeably cooler and small pockets of light that made it through tree leaves and pine needles were now crescent shaped. It was like I was back in my childhood bedroom with a constellation night light projector.

11:32–With the solar glasses you can see just a small sliver of the sun left. As each minute passes, the temperature drop is very apparent. It felt like it was dropping 5 degrees a minute at this point. When you look around you can see that the light is similar to dusk and the temperature matched.

11:34–Right on time, a celestial light switch was turned off and the world went dark. Just like the soft glow of light around your window drapes in the morning, a soft white ring of light was all that was left of the sun; the corona of the sun visible from around the moon’s edges. The ring wasn’t uniform, but it was random and sporadic. It seemed like you could almost see solar flares coming off the surface of the sun and projecting into space. The temperature now as cold as night, with the only light coming from the distant horizon in all directions. Instead of having a sunset in the west, we had a sunset in every direction. The normally yellow sun now only a thin ring of white light. Putting my solar glasses back on, I could see nothing; no sun, no light, nothing. The sun had finally been conquered by the small, gray rock that orbits the earth. For that one moment, nothing else mattered. The stars didn’t care that it was midday, they all came out to say hello. We all stared up at that white ring knowing that what we were experiencing was special and un-repeatable in that place, with those people, and in our lifetime.

11:36–A large enough sliver of the sun emerged, completely illuminating the world again. Solar glasses back on with a slight temperature uptick. The lighting now looked like someone had turned on the lights at a baseball park at dusk. You know, that real faint light piercing through the darkness at the edge of the dirt field?

They say that most flashbulb memories change a person. The ferocity of those details and memories can have a significant impact on one’s life. Our lives are so small in the scheme of the universe. I can honestly say that I have seen the most beautiful thing this world has to offer and I won’t easily forget it.


Incredible timelapse photos by Dave Hanks

Pleasant Surprise - Fabrica Creative

Pleasant Surprise

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On a day off and searching her own company on Google (as one does), our CEO found something quite interesting. On the first page of Google, she found a newly published article titled “22 Best Salt Lake City Advertising Agencies“. We are always doing market research for advertising, marketing and creative agencies so we can stay on top of our game and keep our competitors in check, so Googling is not an odd practice. Cyndi clicked right through.

Expertise, out of Seattle, creates lists of the best local professionals in each US city to give their readers the confidence they need to make the right choice for them. They survey the field, rank the businesses, and hand-pick the best.

Out of the 63 agencies just in Salt Lake City, they chose the top 22 giving a synopsis of services, including a backlink, and showing a logo. Of course we were going to look at this! We were all surprised to find that Fabrica Creative made the list–surprised not because we don’t do good work (we do great work), but because we have only been a full-service agency for a little over a year. We started out doing only video production and some web development. To see our name next to the likes of Hint Creative, Jibe Media, Saxton Horne, Welikesmall and GumCo (amongst many others) was a big deal for us.

Expertise reviewed 63 agencies, curated 46, and selected the top 22. Their selection criteria spanned across five categories:

  • Reputation (A history of delighted customers and outstanding service)
  • Credibility (Building customer confidence with licensing, accreditations, and awards)
  • Experience (Masters of their craft, based on years of practice experience and education)
  • Availability (Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored)
  • Professionalism (Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect)

It’s so cool to see that Fabrica has breached the market visibility threshold and is now on the radar. Our motto has variations but it’s core is ‘Doing good for the sake of doing good.’ We truly believe in finding clients and causes that we can come alongside and help fulfill their vision. We will continue to personify that mission statement as we produce great work for great clients.

And what a pleasant surprise that was…

Generational Divide - Fabrica Creative

The Generational Divide

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Generational fractures are evident in the ways we seek entertainment, the figures we consider icons, the methods by which we travel, and in our preferred methods of communication. While millennials might roll their eyes at their elders’ failure to appreciate avocado toast or their misunderstanding of current socio-economic stressors, gen xers likely don’t understand millennials’ constant selfie-taking or job-hopping.

Though these fractures appear when analyzing a wide array of behaviors, there is no significant gap between the amount of news different generations consume or how attentive each generation is to news stories. According to the American Press Institute, news consumption is a habit that all age groups perform daily, and older adults are only slightly more likely than their younger counterparts to say that they enjoy keeping up with the news.

However, there is a divide in the methods by which each generation receives their news, as indicated by data published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. According to the data, which was released in June 2017, and based on a survey of more than 70,000 news consumers across 36 countries, most individuals aged 34 and younger consider social media and the internet as their primary sources of news, while those aged 45 and older keep up with breaking stories primarily through television and print media. Radio was not considered a primary news source for a significant portion of any age group.

What does this data mean for the news industry? For starters, the demise of print media is likely to continue as more individuals jump off that platform in favor of television and the web. Additionally, continued news consumption on social media and self-selected online platforms could increase exposure to so-called “echo chambers” and further polarize all consumers of news.

Crumpled Paper - Fabrica Creative

Can You Show Me?

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That is often a question I will ask a client to get the ball rolling–a question I have been asked many times too. People tend to process visually based off of what we see in the world. The majority of humans, around 65%, are visual learners. What is seen is a great way to share information. This visual experience can sometime be mysterious when trying to understand minimalistic design concepts coming from a creative department.

Not everyone thinks visually (Really? Who knew?). This can be a challenge for a designer when developing something to be seen. The concept of explaining a design is not as simple as it sounds. It has been said many times, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but a thousand words from me still may not convey the same thing a sketch on a napkin would.

A long time ago when I was young in my career, someone said to me, “I’ll know it when I see it.” While that statement helped me little initially, it did help me to understand one thing–If you have eyes, you receive visual information. And that input helps make the final decision. Getting what a client wants or needs is a result of research, analysis, and experience. Creating a layout that surprises, shocks, inspires or initiates thought is the desired result in any given design project.

Sometimes a client may not know what they need, however, it is amazing when presented with an option, they can [usually] put a finger on it immediately and say “Yes that’s what I am looking for” or “No, I don’t like that.” The most important aspect of this process is not the approval, but the engagement of getting someone thinking and responding. It allows both parties to engage and be more productive.

How you design information can have a big impact when it is viewed. Often a really good design looks like it has not received a great deal of attention (i.e. looks basic, simple). Little does the viewer know how many minute adjustments were made, or how much time was used to polish the final product. They just look and say “yes.” A good design often calls little attention and leaves the viewer to consume the visual information with ease.

I have worked on visual translating to help a client in this creation process. It is not something complex. It can start with some very simple questions. Questions like “Blue like the sky or like a blueberry?” or “What is the one thing you are trying to explain to your potential customers?” Direct questions engage the mind and help point the designers in a more accurate direction.

Designing, like any other process, can be a straight shot or a winding path. When done with skill the end result will be a success. Getting there together with the client, is a greater success!