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This month I was able to attend one of the biggest SEO conferences in the world, UnGagged in Las Vegas. While there, I was able to meet some of the most successful SEO experts from all around the world, getting to talk to them one-on-one and ask questions that I couldn’t find the answers for anywhere. I was able to discuss and strategize the best plans of action for some clients that I want to do so much for but haven’t been able to break through certain barriers. I received some of the best advice I have ever been given. Without revealing all of our secret tools that we now have in our toolbox, I will now be able to start breaking through those barriers that were once holding me back.

While on this trip, I took hundreds of pages of notes, no, I am not exaggerating, filled with all of the trade secrets that so many of the world’s best SEO experts were willing to share and applying them to Fabrica’s clients. I will be able to show some major changes in rankings that we have been working so hard to show. I am not lying here, people, and the numbers won’t either.

One of the most important things I have learned is that not only is content king, but GOOD content is king. So many websites have blogs filled with trashy content that doesn’t inform anyone about anything. Heck, we all have been guilty of it ourselves at one point or another. We are now able to use tools that will help take your content from basic writing to SEO-optimized and informative writing that will not only entertain your readers but will keep the almighty Google ranking you higher and higher for a variety of keywords that you weren’t able to rank for otherwise.

Also, did you know that on average, a person has to see your brand at least eight times before they will start to subconsciously trust that you are a legitimate company? This means that constant publishing of informative articles with no intention of trying to sell them anything will win you more customers. These customers will look to you for good information and, when the time comes, they will trust you to sell them the best product or service. This is done by publishing blogs that are extensively researched for the best-targeted keywords as well as building a blog that asks a question and answers it throughout the content.

With all of the gained knowledge from this conference, I have come back with a fire lit under my you-know-what and am already implementing many of the strategies into our client’s pages. I also have a plan of showing what all of this work is going to do going forward. Fabrica Creative will be the leader in all-around SEO strategy, and the network that we are actively forming through these world conferences will promise you a network of SEO experts that will be able to answer and strategize the best solution for any SEO problems you may be having.

The Best Time to Post on Social Media

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Best Times to Post on Social Media

Are you struggling to reach your audience when posting on social media? came up with this detailed infographic of the best and worst times to post on each social media channel. These times may not work for every audience out there, so you might have to play around with your timing just a bit, but don’t give up! Social media is key to making and keeping relationships with your customers (click image below to see full-size version).

Posting Times - Fabrica Creative

Fabrica Creative


Tips on How to Get Your Website Found

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One of the hardest problems about having a website is driving traffic to it. How do people reach the top of the Google search engine? With about a billion blogs out there, how are you going to be found amongst the crowd? Here are a few tips on how to get your website found using SEO (search engine optimization):

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