Craftsy – Master Use of Online Video

Today’s article in the Wall Street Journal featuring Craftsy, a 18 month old Denver based company, is a great example of the hunger so many Americans have for precise and accurate, easy to find information.
Source: The Wall Street Journal Online
PJ-BL783_CRAFTS_G_20130102225402 Ease of delivery of quality information is one of the pillars of the Fabrica model, and Craftsy understood the need in the marketplace very well. Nowadays, when people want ¬†information they don’t want to have to wait for the next episode of their favorite do-it-yourself hoping the specific question will be addressed. And they don’t want to spend hours surfing YouTube channels viewing countless amateur videos in order to decide what is good info and what’s garbage.

This is the opportunity for today’s modern company. If you offer a product, you need to be teaching people how to use it, demonstrating its features and showcasing its functionality. Gone are the days when people would drive to HomeDepot to ask some guy how to install the light fixture. Instruction videos have to be posted online in the manufacturer’s website, easily accessible and properly cataloged.

The fact that so many people are willing to pay $20 to $50 per class at Craftsy is a testimony of the premium placed on valuable information. Make web videos work for your company!

Check out the WJS article “Made by Hand, Learned Online” by Katherine Rosman.

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