We might be bias, but we think we have the best team. Because WE have the best team, YOU have the best team. Think of us as an extension of your company–we are just down the hall. Our talent is your talent. Finally, something to get excited about.

Cyndi Brown

Cyndi Brown


Cyndi won't tell you this, but she knows ALOT. Her goal is to always surround herself with the 'smart kids' so that she doesn't have to be the keeper of all knowledge. We like that philosophy. Cyndi puts passion and enthusiasm into everything she does. From strategy planning to staff meetings to mini golf, this girl is always operating at full throttle.

Her rockstar status comes from her media strategery and nurturing our client relationships.

Tally Lloyd

Tally Lloyd


Don't you know Tally? He makes friends wherever he goes–kid’s soccer games, the grocery store, my dentist’s office. He loves really getting to know people, not just meet them. His geniality is perfect for the ad world and we are lucky to have him. A true “rally the troops” attitude and a great sense of humor provide the fuel our team needs when we need it the most. Tally-ho!

Tally is a true family man with 7 kids and a lovely wife!

Fabrica Creative

Charisse Walker


She must have clones. This lady is everywhere at all times, there is no explanation other than she has several clones. Charisse is driven and determined. She has one or two or three or four...a ton of children. She flips houses on the side. She stages homes on the side. This chick does it all–especially keeping our hands out of the cookie jars at work.

She is a sniper with a nerf gun, so protect yourself when you come into the office and don't do a stand-off, she'll smoke you!

Fabrica Creative

Anthony Brown

Account Executive

Need your suspension tuned? Need your clothing tailored? Need your hair cut and styled? Anthony has been around the block and he can help you with just about everything. If he can't personally do it, he knows someone who can. This is what makes him the best account manager and keeps our clients coming back for more.

Another secret skill that Anthony has is bargain shopping. This guy can find you the lowest and best price. If it's online, he'll find it.


Chelsee Durfey

Senior Account Manager

A true busy body, Chelsee is always on the go go go–hiking, biking, boarding, all things outdoors. It’s the same for our clients, she go go goes until the problem is solved. If they aren’t happy, then she’s not happy. We think that’s a good way to be; happiness all around, spread the love, peace to everyone, do good, etc.

If you mention the Red Sox, a new restaurant or Kanye West. Watch yourself, because she’ll come a running!


Rocky Mortensen

Integrated Digital Manager

Don't have a clue about SEO? Don't know how to make your Facebook post payoff? Thats ok, you don't have to. With Rocky on the case, the mysteries of the digital universe will be unravelled before your eyes. With his expertise on your side, it is like a one-two combo punch on knocking your digital strategy out of the park. He is the man to focus on what you need for success.

Google certifications:
• Google Analytics Individual Qualification
• Google Shopping Certifcation
• Google Ads Mobile Certification
• Google Ads Search Certification
• Google Ads Video Certification
• Google Ads Diplay Certification

Google Awards in 2018: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Display, Google Shopping, Google Ads Mobile, Google Ads Fundamentals.

Trevor Allen

Trevor Allen

Operations Dispatcher

A true optimist, Trevor can defuse any situation and take the tension out of the air. It's true, we've seen it firsthand–all with the power of his smile. Besides smile power he has a broad skill set that pretty much guarantees that if a client or someone in the office needs something, Trevor has you covered. He bleeds Ute red and LOVES chatting sports.

He won't say it, but Trevor has a voice for radio. He's been podcasting and producing for years with some of sports biggest names.

Mike Miller

Creative Director

A man of predictability and contentment. Mike gets to the office, puts on his headphones, and takes his tasks to town! Every once in a while he will pop up and add some very enlightening information to a conversation. A well-traveled man, he knows a lot about a lot.

When it comes to design, Mike has a very analytical perspective and whips up stuff in record time. Come prepared to be amazed.


Connor Leo

IT Specialist

A real pinch-hitter, Leo has come in clutch so many times for Fabrica. Before he was hired on full-time Leo turned our technology problems into outrageous successes. His telepathy fixes things before they break and address concerns before we even bring them up. With a diet of 6 Dr. Peppers a day, he still manages to be keep his cool and no jitters are to be found.

This guy's dedication to his work is second to none and his loyalty is boundless, just make sure to always have DP on hand.


The Next Big Thang

This Could Be You

We are always looking for talented ``people people``, writers, designers and interns to work with. If you are interested in partnering with Fabrica Creative, please send your portfolio to (please no files larger than 5mb). Unfortunately we won't be able to respond to every email we receive.

We are diverse, crazy, loud, driven, passionate, and rambunctious. We expect you to be too!

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